Ph.D. is the abbreviation of the Latin expression Philosophiae Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy. It is the highest level of specialized education recognized worldwide.
Doctoral research programs provide specialized training to graduates who want to specialize in scientific research. The Ph.D. school aims to train a scientific elite that will find its natural position at management levels in academic research centers, in clinical centers of excellence, in biotechnological industries and other structures of the biomedical sector.

The goal of our Ph.D. programs is the development of technical skills required for all scientists. These skills include experimental design, critical valuation of current scientific literature, ability to write and submit their results to the public, and research ethics. Students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge on advanced issues and technologies, an essential background to perform high-level research in our modern rapidly evolving society.

Interdisciplinarity is an essential mission for us, to face the challenge of complexity that arises in medicine and all health-related contexts.

The comparison with the world of research always takes place on a global scale, with collaborations with teachers, research centers and international universities: all our Ph.D. students live and learn in an international environment.

Our Ph.D. Programs are organized by Health Sciences Department and Traslational Medicine Department.